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Professional Development & Staff Training

Support By Design provides top-notched customized professional development workshops (locally and nationally). These workshops are designed for teachers, parents, 

churches, and civic organizations. Most sessions will discuss the topics of school-wide discipline, behavior modification, classroom management, social skills instruction, team building, character development, leadership, substance abuse education, mental health, disability awareness, IEP (individualized education plan) implementation, and crisis intervention.

Support By Design Facilitators incorporate a multi-sensory presentation that suits multiple learning styles coupled with a gritty “urban edge” which engages participants around the realities of students and the populations they serve.


Program Development

Leadership teams, task forces, and design teams are coached in the formation and creation of guidance manuals and will be provided with supplemental materials that can be used to augment human service 

practice and academic social-emotional education streaming content.


Behavorial Health Services

Workshop series that focus on providing staff with concrete recommendations for programming and teaching students with emotional disabilities.

Participants will be coached in the formation and creation of guidance policies, procedures, routines, and habits from a strength based approach. Participants will also be provided with supplemental materials that can be used to augment academic and social emotional learning.


Afterschool Program

We have developed the H.O.P.E.

( Helping Our Pupils Excel) Afterschool Venture Program designed for both general and special education students who need the support of a very 

structured learning environment with consistent behavior modification programming. Students' participation in these programs over time will increase school attendance, reduce suspension rates, and equip students with social skills that will enable them to be successful.


Provide Adult 


Behavioral Aide

To assist with the implementation of assigned student's Indiviualized Education Plan (IEP) to include their Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP). In addition, support with servicing student's in their Least Restrictive Environment (LRE).


Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program

Support the individual in a holistic manner. By meeting the individual where they are, we assist them in obtaining the tools necessary to meet his/her personal needs.

 Through personal growth and development, SBD assist our clients to meet their maximum potential.

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